Chinese wig seller: I feel relieved when I see bald people all over the world!

Nov. 17, 2023
Not many people in China have actually used wigs produced in China. But things went different abroad. The wigs became best-selling products in response to consumer demand. Hair loss has become a global problem. Chinese wigs have become a necessity for foreigners, accounting for 80% of the global wig market share. In recent years, China’s wig exports have averaged US$3 billion.
For foreigners, hair volume is an important criterion for appearance. Data shows that the three countries most severely affected by hair loss are: France, Russia and America.

In everyone’s mind, the wig market is a gold-hunting business, but those who are really into the industry know that it is not just a wig business that you can sit back and relax.
In Xuchang, known as the “Global Wig Capital”, there are about 5,000 wig factories and companies. Under this mature industry, a number of brands focusing on overseas markets have hatched, such as Rebecca, UNice and other Chinese head wig brands.


Global wig market hot trends


The global wigs and hair extensions market size will be USD 6.46 billion in 2022. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2023 to 2030 is expected to be 8.4%.

(Source: polarismarketresearch)
On the basis of region, the wig market is divided into five major regions: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South and Central America, and Middle East and Africa.
In 2022, North America has become the industry leader, accounting for more than 40% of total revenue. This dominance is driven by rising disposable incomes among North American consumers. This means increased spending on personal health and beauty items, including wigs and hair extensions. The influx of new entrants into the North American market has further accelerated this upward trend.
(Source: grandviewresearch)

Europe is the second largest market, accounting for more than 25% of the market share. The UK, Germany, France and Italy are among the largest markets in the region. More and more women in Europe prefer natural African textured hair. But since most customers are not ready to perm their hair into African textured hair, most people will buy wigs.

The wigs and hair extensions market in Asia Pacific is expected to register the highest growth rate at approximately 9.6% during the forecast period. The region has become a lucrative market for hair products and accessories, including wigs and hair extensions, thanks to the presence of numerous large and small businesses catering to diverse consumer needs. Additionally, according to a 2023 Scandinavian Biolabs article, Hong Kong (44.4%) and India (14.3%) are among the leading countries exporting human hair to the rest of the world, further enhancing the global importance of the Asia-Pacific region.

Segmentation of vertical categories in a saturated market: black wigs

There is a creative diffusion rule in advertising and marketing. The diffusion of creativity is divided into several different stages: innovators, early adopters, early followers, late followers and laggards, all of which have a relatively fixed proportion. . The proportion of the market that accepts a new concept and brand may be very, very small in the early stage, but if you find a way to cross the chasm (13.5%), there will be a very big tipping point.

This happens in different fields. Just like when we were young and learned to ride a bicycle, it would be very unbalanced and difficult at first, but once we ride smoothly, we can’t seem to stop. Whether it is the iPhone, the ChatGPT, or the current wig market, you will find that as soon as the tipping point explodes, a large number of early followers will follow suit. So it can be seen that wig merchants in Xuchang saw that Rebecca had successfully “crossed the gap” and detonated the global wig market, and a large number of merchants followed suit to make wigs.

In 2020, Xuchang wigs achieved US$1.12 billion in exports through e-commerce, equivalent to about 50% of the total export share. AliExpress and Xuchang City, Henan Province have established the world’s first cross-border e-commerce live broadcast base. According to the “Double Eleven” data released by Alibaba in 2021, Xuchang wigs ranked third on the AliExpress best-selling list.

For wig manufacturing companies like Rebecca, which were established earlier and are accustomed to traditional sales channels, there are still some difficulties in e-commerce channels. For example, orders are fragmented, making it difficult to mass produce, and it is also difficult to calculate costs such as platform fees and return disputes.

In order to overcome these problems, Rebecca launched the strategic layout of cross-border e-commerce in 2017 and launched a self-built platform. At the same time, in order to adapt to the needs of online sales, an independent production line was opened. By 2021, Rebecca’s online sales will reach 10% of the total. According to its plan, by 2024, the sales volume of independent websites will account for 25% to 30%.

Statista data shows that the global wig market (including hair extensions) will have a market size of approximately US$7.62 billion in 2022, and this number will grow to US$13.28 billion by 2026.

UNice established the brand back in 2015. In terms of overseas channels, UNice has chosen a dual-track model of independent websites and cross-border e-commerce platforms. On the one hand, it can directly face consumers through a brand independent website and build an official purchasing and communication channel to save marketing costs; on the other hand, entering a cross-border e-commerce platform can use its huge customer traffic to increase product sales and visibility. According to similarweb data, the traffic on the UNice brand official website is steadily increasing. In November 2023, the number of website visits was 1.5 million.

When you open UNice’s website, you can clearly see a black girl with a bright smile wearing a beautiful wig. This wig brand focuses on the black wig market under the wig market segmentation.

In addition to model display, the homepage also carries conspicuous discount information, allowing consumers to understand the brand positioning and discounts at a glance, and directly arouse purchase interest.

(Real wigs, lace wigs, patches, colorful wigs, newbie friendly, bob hair, new arrivals…)
For another example, the website attaches great importance to content marketing. Not only did they add user reviews and instructional videos to the product page, they also established a Q&A community and blog area to spread wig knowledge and hair care content.

In the first few popular posts, you can see FAQs and useful contents shared by the brand about wig wearing, head care, hair knowledge, etc. For example: How to comb human hair wigs and synthetic wigs? Reasons why hair is damaged and lackluster, how to avoid the side effects of hair spray, etc. This can effectively solve the actual problems of users and make this wig brand more real and down-to-earth.

From 2018 to 2022, UNice has successively established five offline stores in Los Angeles and New York to meet customers’ dual online and offline experiences. In 2019, UNice established an African physical sales department to expand the African market.

Topic videos continue to explode on social media

The number of views of Chinese wigs on overseas social media is amazing. On TikTok, the hashtag #wig has been viewed billions of times. On Instagram, there are 12.57 million posts under the #wig entry. And a quick search on Pinterest will reveal a lot of related posts.

At present, UNice has established official accounts and video channels on multiple overseas social media platforms, and the number of fans on the entire network has exceeded one million. On YouTube, the brand has reached 423,000 followers; on Instagram, it has more than 766,000 followers. A huge fan base makes brand exposure and promotion easier.

(Source: Instagram)
(Source: Pinterest)

On these social media platforms, Unice’s official account is updated 2-3 times a week, mainly by publishing product videos, wig try-ons, hair care and other content to attract fans and purchases. UNice is also good at using influencer marketing to attract traffic and build momentum, using the strong influence of KOLs to drive sales. On many platforms, you can see many videos of Internet celebrities or materials evaluating or recommending UNice wigs. The number of views is considerable and they are updated quickly. Previously, Unice planned a brand campaign of “Share your beautiful story with Unice” to encourage users to share their own stories and conveyed the brand concept that everyone is unique and “beautiful and confident”. This deepened the connection with users and builds a loyal following.

In the past, we might have thought that wig brands were difficult to relate to users because, like sexual health products, they were naturally difficult to promote; but UNice has changed this stereotype. It not only answers users’ questions through official channels, but also uses Internet celebrities and amateur users to speak for the brand. It also launched various new ways of playing games on social media to let consumers feel the brand’s sincerity and professionalism, and to shorten the distance with users.

And judging from the analysis of YouTube video data, it is indeed surprisingly consistent with the results presented in AliExpress’s beauty economic report (the top three market demands are North America, France and Russia).

Social welfare activities help sublimate brand temperament

Recently, in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, UNice is proud to announce the launch of its upcoming program, UNice Pink Love. This initiative is not just about celebrating beauty; It’s about empowerment, resilience, and sharing the stories of cancer survivors.

From 8 to 15 October 2023, UNice is offering all cancer patients the opportunity to apply for a free wig through the UNice PInk Love initiative. “Our mission is simple: to empower cancer survivors and enhance their lives. That’s why we’re giving away 100 premium Remy human hair wigs because we believe sharing beauty is a way to spread love,” UNice Pink Love said event spokesperson Autumn Smith. By giving away free wigs to cancer patients, UNice can help these resilient people regain their confidence and let them know there is a supportive community standing with them.

UNice’s mission is to inspire people around the world to express their most authentic selves. You cannot be defined, and your style should not be defined either. UNice’s celebrity stylists, professional cosmetologists and hair industry veterans provide an unparalleled salon experience at any of its on-site locations. Clients feel uplifted and most importantly, they love who they are.

As a Chinese head wig export brand, UNice has always been at the forefront of the market. Not only is Xuchang’s wig industry developing and growing, there are also a large number of wig manufacturers in Qingdao preparing to go overseas. In such a saturated wig market, UNice has accurately targeted this subdivision of the black wig market. Amazon and independent websites have to focus on both. They not only have a thorough understanding of product quality and types, but also can do a good job in social media marketing. to spread effectively.


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