Shopify Website Optimization Guide-Customized Product Combinations

Oct. 27, 2023
Why do we need customized product combinations?

Benefits of it include:
Increase the average order value: By providing custom combinations, you can increase the number of items in a single order, thereby increasing the average order value.
Improve customer value: When customers purchase a package, they often consider the match between price and value. By providing customized combinations, customers’ individual needs can be better met and customers’ sense of value enhanced.
Increase product visibility: Through customized combinations, you can increase the number of SKUs of a product and enrich the product line, thus increasing the visibility of the product and attracting more customers’ attention.
Clear inventory: Through customized combinations, overstocked products can be bundled and sold to clear inventory and improve capital utilization.

The benefits of customized product combinations are obvious, so we need to pay more attention to it.

What is customized product combinations?

In a Shopify store, it is a combination of multiple different products, which can belong to the same product category or different types, but usually have certain correlation or complementarity. Combinations can be created by sellers themselves, or they can use preset package templates provided by the Shopify platform. These templates can be flexibly customized and adjusted according to products and sales goals. Packages are divided into fixed and variable packages. Fixed packages usually contain a fixed number of items, while variable packages can automatically adjust their composition and price based on buyer selections or inputs.

How to create a customized product combination?

Option 1: Use the official Shopify application: Shopify Bundles to customize the product portfolio. Those who are interested can experience it for themselves. You can refer to the official article “Product bundles”.
Advantages: Integrate multiple products into a complete whole, and you can enjoy the combined purchase price, which is relatively convenient.
Disadvantages: It is equivalent to maintaining a new product, with additional maintenance costs. Single form of expression.

Option 2: Carry out secondary development of the theme and customize it according to the characteristics of different categories of goods.
Advantages: The display method is designed according to the characteristics of the product, and the technical threshold is relatively high.

Today I will show you some customization cases of Option 2 that are successful. It mainly revolves around suit customization, including customization area and effect area.

Case 1: Customized sword combination

Customized sword combinations require a wide variety of accessories, so there is a need to break down the current situation and provide solutions that will create trust and recognition for the industry.
With so many custom parts available, customers inevitably don’t know what to choose from. To solve this problem, we provide an exploded view of the accessories on the main image to help customers gain an overall understanding.
At the same time, the option process and progress guidance of the customization area are also provided to guide users to make choices and avoid missing selections. In order to give customers a comprehensive understanding of the selected accessories, we display the customized parts of the product and the option superimposed prices in the effect area.
The above is the disassembly and solution for custom case 1. Creating a customized suit combination is equivalent to integrating various accessories. How to effectively integrate accessories is one of the issues we need to think about.

Case 2: Ski suit combination

Case 2 can be regarded as an upgrade of Case 1. In addition to having the advantages of Case 1, it also adds a preview display function. After selecting a package product, the selected product and the final composite rendering will be displayed on the right side of the product to allow customers to fully understand the effect. The website style is neat and unified, and the combination of small icons + products makes the customized content rich and more professional.

Through the above two cases, we can have a basic understanding of customized product combinations. Proper layout and display of these accessories can give your website a completely new look. This not only brings a different experience to people, but also greatly increases product exposure, making it more interactive than traditional customization.

That’s all the content of customized product combinations. If you have better ideas, you are more than welcome to leave a message for communication. The next tip will be more exciting!


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